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Thank you for visiting my page.. by Rachelle is a collection of some things I enjoy. Please look around and do some shopping to make your day a little more enjoyable, or brighten up a day for a friend or sister. All my watch bands are for sale for 15.00 for the first one and 10.00 for each one after that. My faces are 10.00 each. I also do watch parties. They are a blast!! Get your first watch free and then some! Please call or email me with any questions and orders. 801-859-1937

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I would love to put a watch on your wrist!! Please email me, or give me call at 801-859-1937 and let me know what your interested in. Sizing is no problem and I can ship to you... or if you live nearby, we can make arrangements to get together. Happy shopping!

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


We have added ankle bracelets to our collection. You'll find them pictured after the watchbands so scroll on down! They are 2 for 8.00 and they look great in the sunshine so get yours today!

May & June 2013

Our prices... Watchbands - 11.00   Faces -  10.00  
Remember we do take credit cards over the phone securely with You will get a receipt to your email or text message from Square. Thank you!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Information needed to purchase... To purchase my watches just give me a call or shoot me an email. I need you to measure your wrist where your watch would be. Or like everyone else does, (lol), just give me a size.... Really thin, thin, average, a little bigger and bigger. Yes I can usually hit it right on. If you have any special instructions, please let me know. (ex. some like them really loose) I can take any card for payment thru Square so you will get a reciept from them via text message or email. Or you can send a check or money order in the mail. I ship anything you order from just $2.50 - $5.50.

April, 2012

I cant believe how fast time flies by! I have been making a bunch of new designs but Im guilty of posting them on my Facebook pages. So if you havent liked my page yet, do it now. I also have a page you can friend... (I havent decided which to build up yet.) Both are under - Beaded Watchbands. SO if you dont see something you like here, Check there and I will try to update everything this week. Enjoy!! And happy shopping...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

June 2012...

We have added fun keychains Check them out on Facebook! Click like here on the right or you can find me by clicking on my facebook badge. Be sure to like my page!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Invite your friends to a watch party!!

I would love to come do a party for you!! I have over 73 styles to choose from with over 160 watchbands ready to go. Your friends can choose what they like and take them home instantly. No waiting for an order to come weeks later. You will receive a face and watchband for free to start and depending on how many are sold, much more. Connie had a watch party that sold over 1000.00!! But you don't have to sale a certain amount like other parties. Everyone loves these watches. They are great for gifts also, they take the guess work out of what you'll buy next time, just add to their collection! Send me an email or give me a call, I still have immediate dates available. Thanks for your time, Rachelle

Friday, April 2, 2010

Please join my blog!

Please join my blog and you will get to see my new watches as I post the pictures. Also you will receive special discounts every now and then as you buy my watchbands. Feel free to blog on my page if you have something to share about my creations. I welcome all input and hope to hear how your enjoying your purchases!